A house fit for a Queen

Have you ever dreamt about living like a royal? This week’s property was said to be Queen Elizabeth the first’s favourite residence and was used by the monarchy as a walk-in-wardrobe. The row of houses is known as The Wardrobe and was built by Henry VII with the sole purpose of storing royal clothing. It was originally one...

disabled tenants

Landlords must now allow disabled leaseholders to adapt their homes to their needs following a landmark discrimination case. The court ruled in favour of disabled tenant Stacey Smailes, 33, who was forced to move out of her home after her landlord refused to make concessions to the clause in their lease which prohibited alternations.

water tower

This historically rich property lies in the town of Halsted, Essex and offers a spacious six-floor living space. With the ability to accommodate 250 people, it makes it the perfect venue for parties.

buy-to-let investment

The buy-to-let sector may be going through a sluggish phase, but there are still parts of the UK worth investing in. According to new research by investment portal, One and Only Pro, the North West of England is the best area to invest in rental property. A combination of affordable property prices and a high demand for rental accommodation,...

Rise in number of middle-aged renters

The number of people aged 34-54 renting a home has risen by 15% in the last three years, according to new research. Increased house prices have left many middle-age renters unable to afford to buy their first home, the research commissioned by Intus Lettings found, with the number of people aged 45-54 renting due to not being able to...

Rentguard Issues

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  • Majority of landlords have helped tenants during coronavirus crisis
  • Rental crisis deepens with over 300,000 tenants late with rent payments
  • Rentguard's administration fees

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