town hall

Warrington tops the list of towns in the UK where landlords are likely to make a loss on their investment, according to new figures.


The average UK monthly rent has risen to over £1,000 for the first time, according to new data.


Halogen light bulbs will be banned from this September as part of a raft of measures by the UK government to tackle climate change.


The stamp duty surcharge and the tailing off of mortgage interest tax relief have driven hundreds of thousands of landlords from the buy to let sector, new data suggests.

town to country

The much talked about city to countryside exodus triggered by the pandemic has been largely led by older renters according to a new survey.

Rentguard Issues

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  • Majority of landlords have helped tenants during coronavirus crisis
  • Rental crisis deepens with over 300,000 tenants late with rent payments
  • Rentguard's administration fees

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