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Our Residential Landlord Insurance is available for a wide range of buy-to-let properties, including HMOs, bedsits and purpose-built flats.

Policies are underwritten by UK insurers, including Ageas, Axa, Highway, NIG and RSA.

Landlord buildings and contents

Standard residential buy to let property insurance rates for professional lets start at just £1.80 per £1,000 sum insured but may be negotiated subject to the volumes of business. We provide landlord insurance quotes to the private rented sector for virtually any type of let including properties let to: professionals/people of independent means, students, DSS and unoccupied properties. In addition we provide comprehensive cover for UK Holiday and Second Homes.

Policy benefits

Rentguard landlord insurance policy covers all the standard perils as well as providing the following cover for residential buy to let properties of all sizes throughout the UK:

  • Cover for houses, bungalows and flats
  • Commercial and residential combined
  • Loss of rent cover is up to 30% of the buildings sum insured
  • Property owner’s liability is up to £5,000,000
  • Up to 30 day unoccupancy allowed
  • Contents cover up to £40,000
  • Insurance cover is ‘new for old’
  • Policy excess for professional lets from: £100 for buildings and £50 for contents.
  • Policy excess for non-professional lets from: £250 for buildings and £50 for contents.

* Policy limits and exclusions apply, please see the policy wording for full details

If you are looking for a insurance quote on ANY residential buy to let property, quote and buy online or give us a call on 0208 587 1060 and our UK based team will do our best to provide you with suitable cover.

Please note that the above information provides a summary only; full policy terms and conditions are found in the policy wording(s). For the levels of cover, excesses and terms and conditions that apply specifically to your insurance, please read through your insurance certificate & statement of fact and the policy wording.

The terms & conditions set out in the policy wording(s) form the basis of the insurance contract; these should be read and understood prior to taking out the policy. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more details.

Landlord insurance explained

Buy to let insurance is not a legal requirement but it is highly recommended. The choice of landlord insurance is great but with long standing experience, professional reputation and long running expertise here at Rentguard we believe we can provide property investors and landlords with landlord household insurance quotes. Depending on a wide range of insurers that Rentguard works with, your requirements and let property details, we will tailor the cover of your buy to let property insurance accordingly. Generally the cover provided by insurers is for perils like fire, lightning, flood, earthquake, subsidence, riot, escape of water, ground heave or land slip, theft and malicious damage. Getting the right landlord insurance is a necessity as the standard residential home owners insurance does not cover as many risks and is not specialised enough. Especially when it comes to property owner’s liability which is included as standard in Rentguard landlord insurance cover. Property owner’s liability provides cover against any claim that may arise to where the tenant incurs an injury. We advise you to carefully read policy terms and conditions together with complete quotation details prior to proceeding with any insurance cover.

Whether rented or not any buildings and contents are subject to a considerable risk of damage or unexpected incidents, however rented properties tend to carry such risks most frequently. After all renting means that you are probably letting a complete stranger use your property.. Buying a property to live in or to let out tends to be one of the biggest investments one will make. Therefore getting adequate buy to let insurance to secure such an investment should be of paramount importance. Rentguard offers a wide range of all-rounded and competitively priced landlord insurance, so why not get your buy to let investment protected comprehensively? Our range of rented property insurance covers properties of all types & sizes. What’s more, Rentguard cover also includes accidental damage, public liability and loss of rent as standard. Rentguard residential landlord insurance covers buy to let properties regardless of their location anywhere in the United Kingdom so why not get a quote for landlord building insurance and/or landlord contents insurance through Rentguard.

Own more than one buy to let property? Rentguard also provides buy to let insurance for property portfolios which allows landlords to insure multiple buy to let properties under one easily manageable and greatly discounted landlord insurance portfolio policy. Property additions and other amendments to portfolio landlord insurance policies are offered at a time saving pro-rata basis and renewed on a convenient single annual renewal date. Needless to say that Rentguard portfolio landlord insurance accommodates all types of tenancies and can combine other types of property insurance including buy to let insurance for commercial properties, UK holiday homes, tenant contents and landlord insurance for empty or unoccupied properties.

Landlord contents insurance explained

In order to avoid unexpected risks we also recommend landlords to insure the contents of their let property. Generally such unexpected risks involve, fire, theft and may affect rented contents that are owned by the landlord including curtains, carpets, whitegoods or other furnishings and appliances. Tenant contents will need to be insured under a separate tenants contents insurance policy. The cost of the landlord contents insurance premium will generally depend on the insured contents value and is normally added optionally on top of the landlord buildings insurance policy, but can also be purchased completely separately. Worth mentioning though that in many instances purchasing combined buildings and contents landlord insurance may attract financial savings. So for your complete peace of mind why not take out comprehensive buy to let insurance covering both buildings and contents.

Advantages of buying Rentguard Landlord insurance

  • Landlord insurance cover tailored according to your specific needs
  • Underwritten by UK insurers including Ageas, Axa, Highway, NIG and RSA.
  • Cover for properties of various types let such as professional individuals, families, students, asylum seekers, unoccupied properties awaiting an acceptable tenant, sale or undergoing renovation and DSS tenants, who currently receive unemployment benefit, housing benefit or disability benefit.
  • Instant insurance quote, immediate cover and swift documentation delivery either online or by post.
  • Range of buying options – get your buy to let insurance quote and purchase online or call our dedicated team of customer services who will guide you through your particular landlord insurance requirements. Quote for landlord building insurance & landlord contents insurance combined to make savings on your buy to let policy.
  • Several payment options including one-off annual payment or spread the cost over several months with Direct Debit.
  • Great financial savings and reduction of administration with portfolio insurance for multiple properties. Insure all your investment properties under one buy to let insurance policy with one renewal date and an option to amend or to add other properties pro-rata if necessary.


If you are looking for a rented property insurance quote for landlords building insurance and/or landlords contents insurance on ANY residential buy to let property, quote and buy online 24/7 or give us a call on 0208 587 1060 and our dedicated UK based team will do our best to provide you with suitable cover.

Please note that the above information provides a summary only. For full policy terms and conditions please see the policy wording document. Terms & Conditions should be fully read and understood prior to taking out the policy.

Blocks of flats

Rentguard provides comprehensive cover for blocks of flats which can cover both residential and commercial properties.

This product is specifically tailored to meet the needs of property developers, investors, freeholders, landlords, managers, owners, residential block schemes and landlord associations who hold the interest in a number of properties and wish to simplify their insurance arrangements saving both time and money.

Our policies cover all standard perils and are underwritten by the UK insurers.

For a quote please call our customer services team on 0208 587 1060.

Portfolio/ block schemes

At Rentguard we provide a series of product alternatives for portfolio requirements, including block schemes for commercial and residential properties

Our portfolio/block policy insurance provides simplicity and savings to clients wishing to cover their assets under one easy to manage policy.

Our specially designed valuation and competitive pricing structure provides significant savings for landlords and an improved method of managing their portfolio, with a one-stop opportunity.

Our portfolio/block insurance policy also allows them to add or remove any of the properties mid-term with ease and as all properties will have a common annual renewal date management of the block from year to year couldn’t be more easier.

Our service to you

When using our services you can be sure of:

  • Quick turnaround of quotations
  • Rapid response to amendments or midterm adjustments when you need them
  • Direct contact with an account manager who will do your running for you
    Portfolio solutions whether your client owns or manages a large portfolio of properties, or if you have a property investor looking for ‘staged’ renewal dates, we can help.

Our clients include:

  • Freeholders, investors and landlords
  • Property managers and landlords associations
  • Residential block schemes
  • Designed for managers or owners of multiple properties, an RGA portfolio solution offers the care you need at an affordable rate.

We provide quotes for:

  • Multiple tenancy types including DSS, unoccupied and even asylum seekers
  • Combination of residential and commercial properties, for example, a shop with a flat above
  • Blocks of flats
  • Bed-sits and some guest-houses.

Next time you are looking for a competitive quote, why not give us a call on
0208 587 1060 and speak to one of our dedicated account managers.

For individual residential landlord insurance policies simply quote and buy online or call Rentguard customer services on 0208 587 1060.

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