Pest problems more common in rented accommodation

February 25, 2019
rat in kitchen

The majority of homes that have encountered pest problems are let as rented accommodation, a new study has shown.

Over half (57%) of the 2,000 people surveyed for the study by home interiors specialists Hillarys, said they had had a problem with pests at some point, with 64% of those saying it had been while they were living in a rented property.

For 6% of respondents, the problem was so bad they had been forced to move, with a further 64% saying they would consider moving if a pest issue got too bad.

Unwanted creatures were a particular problem in London, where 69% of those surveyed said they’d had a problem with unwelcome critters, with bed bugs being the most prevalent pest.

The south east of England and Scotland were not far behind, with 66% and 64% respectively reporting a pest problem in these areas.

The pests varied from region to region: cockroaches are the biggest issue in the Midlands, while mice and ant infestations were more common in the north of England.

According to the survey, the top five pest problems that have caused people to either move or consider moving are the following:

Rats – 26%

Spiders – 16%

Wasps – 14%

Mice – 11%

Ants – 9%