Short-notice evictions to be scraped in shake-up of private rental sector

Landlord representatives have warned of the “serious dangers” of the government’s decision to abolish snap evictions in England, which will prevent landlords being able to evict tenants at short notice.

Petition to ban ‘no DSS’ adverts hits 40 thousand signatures

A petition calling for Rightmove to end ‘no tenants on benefits’ adverts has reached 40,000 signatures.   The petition is the latest measure to outlaw the advertising practice of ‘no DSS’ tenants and was launched on 38 Degrees, a not-for-profit political activism organisation.

Online letting community pays tenants to find replacements

The founders of a new online lettings community that rewards tenants with one week’s rent for finding and liaising with prospective renters, believe it will help landlords avoid void periods.

Government’s Right to Rent scheme ‘breaches human rights law’

The High Court has ruled the government’s Right to Rent scheme breaches human rights law.   Right to Rent puts the onus of responsibility on landlords to check the immigration status of a tenant or lodger, with the threat of prosecution if they know, or have “reasonable cause to believe” that they are letting to an illegal immigrant.

Only 3% of landlords currently offer short-term lets

Only 3% of landlords currently offer short-term lets despite the boom in the temporary accommodation market, according to new research.

Pest problems more common in rented accommodation

The majority of homes that have encountered pest problems are let as rented accommodation, a new study has shown.

What are the new landlord tax changes?

There are several changes to how, and how much, landlords pay tax that have been fazed in since 2017 before finally coming into play in April 2020.   It’s important to be up-to-speed with these changes to avoid any fines or fees from HMRC – ignorance is not a defence. If you have taken out tax protection insurance, this...

Landlords must allow ‘reasonable and necessary’ alterations for disabled tenants following ruling

Landlords must now allow disabled leaseholders to adapt their homes to their needs following a landmark discrimination case.   The court ruled in favour of disabled tenant Stacey Smailes, 33, who was forced to move out of her home after her landlord refused to make concessions to the clause in their lease which prohibited alternations.

Rise in number of middle-aged renters

The number of people aged 34-54 renting a home has risen by 15% in the last three years, according to new research. Increased house prices have left many middle-age renters unable to afford to buy their first home, the research commissioned by Intus Lettings found, with the number of people aged 45-54 renting due to not being able to...

Government pledges £2 million to tackle rogue landlords

The government has pledged to offer an extra £2million to councils in England to tackle rogue landlords after an investigation revealed criminals landlords were continuing to rent out properties despite being banned from doing so. The extra fund will work out at less than £6,000 per council, a drop in the ocean when compared to the estimated 10,500 criminal...

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