Sharp rise in demand for short term lets in London

August 29, 2019

Demand for short lets in London has surged in recent months, according to a host management platform.

Some Londoners are making as much as £6,894 on average by letting out their homes on Airsorted for just 63 days a year, the company claims.

Data analysed by Airsorted found two-in-five Londoners use the platform to let their home part-time.

Thanks to accommodation sites such as Airsorted, Airbnb and HomeAway, short term lets are becoming an increasingly popular option for people seeking alternative revenue streams, including landlords. According to Airsorted, hosts can earn 60-100% more than with traditional property rentals.

And this is only set to continue as demand for short-let lets continues; Airsorted reports this year’s summer ‘staycation’ searches and bookings were up by a third.

James Jenkins-Yates, founder and CEO of Airsorted, commented: “Londoners are truly a transient bunch. With greater strides in flexible and remote working, the city’s residents are seeking opportunities to see the world and using their properties to fund their exploration. And, it turns out that Londoners are still excited to visit new parts of their hometown, as the ‘staycation’ becomes ever more popular.”