New measures to crack down on criminal landlords announced

Tenants may be required to provide the details of their landlord on council tax registration forms, as part of measures to clamp down on criminal landlords. The idea is being introduced to parliament by Dame Angela Watkinson, Conservative MP for Hornchurch and Upminster. When moving into a house, new occupants are currently required to notify their local authority to...

The Deregulation Bill: Landlords – are you up to speed?

The Deregulation Bill which came into force on 27th March 2015 got a lot of industry and media attention at the time, however not all of the changes came into effect immediately. With some deadlines looming, it’s time for landlords to make sure they are fully up to speed with their responsibilities:

Property of the Week: Former funeral parlour on sale in Crewkerne

A former funeral parlour in Crewkerne, Sommerset has come up for sale. Dating back to the 1890s, Chapel House is believed to be one of the oldest buildings in the town and was previously owned by funeral directors AJ Wakely & Sons who it as a place to store and build coffins. It was later converted into a quirky...

Parliament announces moves to end ‘revenge evictions’

So-called ‘retaliatory evictions’ are to be outlawed after a debate in the House of Lords earlier this week ended with amendments to the Deregulation Bill being passed. The Lords agreed that landlords should be prevented from evicting a tenant for no reason within six months of receiving an improvement or hazard awareness notice. Although the amended legislation has yet...

Housing market recovers momentum with rise in mortgage approvals

Britain’s housing market recovered some momentum in December after a deluge of low-priced mortgage deals encouraged buyers to take out a new home loan. The Bank of England said the number of mortgage approvals increased after six months of contraction. It reported that approvals for house purchases rose to 60,725 last month after reaching a 17-month low of 58,956...

Rentguard Issues

  • Majority of landlords have helped tenants during coronavirus crisis
  • Rental crisis deepens with over 300,000 tenants late with rent payments
  • Rentguard’s administration fees