New ratings scheme for private rental properties

October 1, 2013

A new ratings system is to be launched for private rental properties across the UK.

The firm behind it say it will help to self-regulate the sector and could be used by local councils as an alternative to licensing.

Rental Ratings’ will work like the current one to five star rating system for hotels, enabling tenants to see the quality of properties at a glance.

Independent inspectors will use various criteria such as location, size, condition, car parking space and garden-size to calculate the score.

The rating will last for two years before being reviewed, and will be paid for by the landlord.

Kirst McGregor, who is behind the scheme says, “It’s a game changer. It will give agents and landlords a brand new marketing tool. Rentals will no longer be priced just on location and the number of bedrooms as at present”

“Poor quality properties will be highlighted – just as a ‘no star’ rating in the hotel industry speaks a thousand words.

“I also think it could help increase standards. In time, if the private rented sector gets behind this as a way of demonstrating quality properties, local authorities could direct their efforts and resources to those landlords who choose not to have their properties rated.”

Letting Agents will be able to offer the ratings scheme to their landlord clients and can choose to accept referral money or get a discount for their landlords – or a combination of both.

There is a 20% offer currently available to agents registering before October 11; with a 10% offer in place there-after.

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