A good school comes top of home buying priorities in UK

June 13, 2016

Good schools have come out on top in a recent survey questioning the priorities of parents in the UK, when choosing a place to live.

The research found that not everyone is happy with their current home with only half of those living in an old house in the country saying this is their dream home type and a quarter actually admitting they dream of living in a new build in the country. Some 65% of those who already live in a new build in the country, city or suburbs say it’s their dream home type.

Some 65% of those who already live in a new build in the country, city or suburbs say it’s their dream home type.

When asked about their top three priorities, 72% of parents choose a good local school, followed by 37% favoring somewhere with good transport links and 33% highlighting the importance of a community feel, according to the research from Redrow Homes.

Parents were also asked about their dream home and what they look for most in the property itself. Some 54% chose a new build, either in the city, country or suburbs.

The children were also asked what’s most important to them about where they live with, 47% valuing having lots of parks and green space nearby, followed by 49% who liked to be close to school while 60% said it was being near to their friends, and 17% thought being near facilities such as a cinema as vital.

Parents leaving house for school with son and daughter (4-6) smiling

The survey also questioned people in terms of what they look for in the property itself. Outdoor space came out overwhelmingly on top with 74% picking a garden as one of their top three desirable features, followed by 44% wanting off-street parking and 39% storage space.

The results found that when asked what they liked most about their own homes, children choose their bedroom, with almost three quarters placing it among their top three. The findings didn’t come as a surprise as personal space becomes more important as children get older, with 81% of youngsters aged 11 to 16 choosing their bedroom among their favorite things about their home, compared to 69% of children aged four to 10.

The research shows how important choosing the right home and neighborhood is for people buying a home, according to Dave Bexon, group sales and marketing director for Redrow Homes.

A garden came second, with 45% of all children surveyed saying it was one of the things they liked most, followed by the living room.

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