The end of an eventful year!

December 11, 2013

It’s December – the festive season has started and it’s nearly the end of what has been quite an eventful year for the family.

Looking back, the long hot summer came and went in a bit of a haze – all that sorting, cleaning and soul-searching whilst preparing Mum’s house to let.

The tenants moved in at the end of July and thankfully there have been very few problems.

The main issue we still have to resolve is the shower, which it seems has been a problem for several weeks now. The letting agent arranged for a plumber to call fairly promptly, but there has been a delay in assessing what should be done. The walk-in bath that Mum had fitted several years ago had been enclosed and sealed, leaving no easy access to the plumbing and shower unit.

We’ve just had a quote for the work to be done. A new shower and new electrics are needed. We’re facing our first big bill, but it has to be done. The tenants have been surprisingly patient about it. They did however request that an extractor fan be installed at the same time but we haven’t agreed to that. Mum managed for years by opening the window for a few minutes if necessary – much cheaper!

The end of October brought extremely high winds sweeping up from the south coast and we weren’t surprised to hear that a couple of fences at the property had come down – we weren’t alone in that! Repairs were done within a couple of days, but it was an opportunity for my brother to call and see the family in the person. He said they’ve settled in really well and apparently they love it there.

The tenancy agreement is for a year initially but they’ve indicated that they would most likely want to stay on when the time comes to renew the contract.

I think we’ve struck lucky with relatively trouble-free tenants! Let’s hope it’s a Happy New Year for all of us.