Tenancy up for renewal

April 26, 2014

We’re coming to the end of our first year as landlords. The letting agent has sent us a routine, and carefully timed, letter asking if we wish to continue letting and whether they should make a formal offer to our current tenants.

I feel we’ve been very fortunate in finding a family to live in Mum’s house, who appear to have been very happy in their first year there. Along the way they have made a few requests, all of which have been reasonable and served to make the house more homely for them and encouraged us to make some permanent improvements.

A few jobs definitely needed doing, not least the replacement of several fence panels during a year which produced some exceptionally stormy weather conditions – it was only a matter of time!

The shower presented a few problems in the early days and ultimately needed replacing – our only major expense.

In recent weeks the tenants approached us about the possibility of them replacing a few of the window blinds, with a view to us sharing the cost with them. After some consideration, we agreed to this as it will certainly improve the look of the front aspect of the property and shows that this family are willing to invest in making this their home for some time to come.

Another small job, which again we were quite happy to share the cost of, was renewal of the flooring in the bathroom. I haven’t seen it yet but my brother says it’s a definite (and permanent) improvement.

All in all, our first tenants have so far proved to be very reasonable and were very patient when there were a few hitches over the shower problem. Thankfully, all issues have been resolved amicably and we know that they are going to want to stay on when offered the opportunity to do so. The letting agent has suggested a very small increase in the rent, but I feel sure that won’t put this family off staying with us for another year.