A few teething problems

September 16, 2013

It’s now just over a month since the first tenants moved into Mum’s house.  As expected, a few things have needed discussing or attending to.

The first request from the tenant was to remove the grab-rail in the bathroom, which we had overlooked. I think I said previously that we had become so used to the various aids around the house, which had enabled Mum to be independent for so long, that we no longer noticed them. But I can understand a young family not requiring them, and not wanting it to appear like an elderly person’s home.  So my brother went round at the earliest opportunity and removed it for them.

They also asked our permission to install Sky TV and Broadband, but we suggested that they make use of the cable system which already runs to the house, and they are happy to do so.

Then all was well for a couple of weeks until we got a call from the Letting Agent to say the tenants were having a problem with the mixer tap for the shower. Sometimes it would only produce hot water. Clearly this was a safety issue so we asked them to arrange for a plumber to look at it as soon as possible. 

A couple of days later the plumber called us to say he had been to the house, but was unable to get access to the pump as it was under the casing around the walk-in bath, which was sealed. He needed our permission to gain access under the bath, which may mean causing damage to some of the tiles. We had no choice but to agree to him doing whatever was necessary and making good any damage as well as he could. We’re awaiting the bill for that!

To be fair, this could have happened at any stage, but it means that any revenue we hoped to make by letting may be significantly reduced in the early days.

I suppose it is expected to have a few teething troubles, but hopefully things will settle down and we will shortly only need to have minimum input, and expense.

On a happier note, I heard last week from a mutual friend that Mum’s neighbour wanted us to know that there are no problems with the tenants next door at all.  That’s good to know!