FCA authorised companies

If you are:

  • Any business authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Whether expanding your portfolio of opportunity, or offering insurance services for the first time, we can discuss the individual needs of any insurance broker, letting agent or independent financial advisor and provide a range of products and services that will meet the specific demands and the expectations of your customers and clients.

Rentguard provides a range of products and services to the residential and commercial lettings market, backed up by first class administration and technical support facilities.

We can provide all our registered insurance agents with our full range of products and services including full advisory support and conditional ‘risk transfer’, including sub-delegated authority and full branding services (see Terms of Business).

What can we do?

There are many reasons for you to become our insurance agent. We provide insurance solutions to any business authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority including insurance brokers, letting agents and independent financial advisors allowing you to earn commission and benefit from highly competitively priced comprehensive cover from leading UK insurers.

We provide you with as much or as little support as you deem necessary. We will offer insurance advice, provide quotes, and even manage the administration and sales process on your behalf should you require. Alternatively, we can provide you with full online access to conduct the business yourself if you prefer. We value all our insurance agents no matter what their size, whether a letting agent or a big insurance broker.

How can you obtain a quote?

Option 1 Quote and buy, quote retrieval and monitoring is available through our secure online login.
Option 2 Fully branded or co-branded versions of our Online Quotation Facility containing your unique tag – can be integrated into your website allowing your customers to quote & buy online.
Option 3 Lead Generation – You can provide us with contact details of customers and clients for us to call and discuss insurance requirements on a case by case or “across the board” basis.
Option 4 Proposal forms – Product information for landlords and tenants

Look at these rates

We provide comprehensive insurance solutions at quote busting rates whilst maintaining high levels of commission for insurance brokers, agents and other intermediaries. Try our commission calculator and see how much you can earn.

You can set up an agency with Rentguard by filling in an online registration form or faxing back to us your signed Agency Agreement on 0208 587 1061. For more information about becoming an insurance agent or to compare quotes and discuss the full opportunity of using Rentguard products and services contact our Client Services team on 0208 587 1060.

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